Catie’s new silk gown – from a David’s Bridal foundation!

“10 weeks before my wedding I went to these ladies for what I thought would be alterations and a bustle for my dress.  In the course of the consultation, Julia could tell that I really wasn’t that crazy about my dress.  I had bought it ages ago at David’s Bridal and had since fallen out of love with it.  Waste not, want not however, so I was determined to wear it.  I had acquired a beautiful handmade lace overblouse that I thought would reconcile me.  But Julia started asking what kind of dress would I prefer?  What did I not like about this one? By the end of the meeting, Julia had determined that we could use the structure of the dress to create brand new one over it- one made out of real silk this time!  The lines were simple and classic and they assured me that they could have it by 10 days before the wedding- time to make alterations if necessary.

End result – Julia created the most beautiful dress that perfectly complemented my lace jacket.  They also did it in far less time than they said they would.  Love them!  I was thrilled to wear a dress I loved on that day 🙂 ”

– Catie